Volunteer Opportunities - We can use your help!

Curious about helping out with the athletic events or serving on the Board of Directors?



Board of Directors:  Please send us an email at: Wilrok41@bresnan.net AND go to the Board of Directors menu item in the blue section above for more info

SUMMER events:  Contact information available soon

WINTER events:  Contact information available soon


Information on Volunteering:

Good volunteers are always needed to help athletic events and support activities run smoothly!  There is a wide range of activities, times and days that you can contribute to this year’s Wyoming Senior Olympics.  Some events last only a couple of hours while others go 4 and 5 hours.  Athletic events occur all day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  You can commit to whatever time and/or day your schedule allows. 

We will need volunteers for timers at the Swimming and Track and Field events, to direct runners and walkers along the course during the Road Race, receptionists to welcome athletes at check-in and counters for some of the Weightlifting events.  In addition, we will likely have some volunteer jobs prior to the Olympics so that we are fully prepared when the athletes arrive to compete.

Please let us know about any skills or experience that you may have at timing events, signage or sports that you are most familiar with.

Remember, volunteering is a commitment.  Thank you for your consideration to volunteer!

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