Wyoming Senior Olympics Board of Directors


If you are interested in learning more about or serving on the WSO Board, please email WSO Acting President, Bill Stone at wilrok41@bresnan.net.


Ken Konicek, kenkonicek@gmail.com  307-214-4746
Term: Aug 2010- 2018

Vice President

Larry Foianini, larryfoi@bresnan.net 307-390-7571
Term: July 2017-Aug 2019


Rodger Kentfield, r.kentfield@bresnan.net. 307-532-0261
Term: Aug 2016- Aug 2018


Georgia Carmin, wyomedlab@bresnan.net 307-760-0786                                                  Term: Nov 2017-Aug 2019

Summer Games State Coordinator

The 2017 & 2018 Summer Games will take place in Laramie, Wyoming
Jodi Guerin, jguerin@cityoflaramie.org  307-721-5259                                              Term: 2016 - 2018                                                                                                                             

Winter Games State Coordinator

Ken Konicek


Karen Calkin, karencalkin@gmail.com  330-416-9536                                                     Term: Aug. 2014- Aug 2018

Gay Woodhouse, gay@wrnlawfirm.com 307-638-6799
Term: Aug. 2013- Aug 2018

Jim Boucher, Boucher@snowyrangevision.com                                                                            Term: Nov 2017-Aug 2019

Summer Games State Coordinator 2019-2020

Kari Kivisto, kkivisto@cheyennecity.org, (307)637-6404




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