Wyoming Senior Winter Games 2019


Once again the Senior Winter Games return here to Pinedale

where we welcome all of you athletes fifty plus to our fair city

and hope that in your chosen sports you will certainly prevail

and demonstrate your youthful spunk and classy nitty-gritty.


The White Pine ski area will groom and mark the slalom trails

for those who wind through flags that lead them quickly down

where others hope their stamina and cross-country skill prevails

as they skate or classic on fast tracks seeking the victory crown.


There are activities for everyone like the snowshoe sprint,

the fat bike race, and pickle ball to challenge the single

or double for those who like to share the efforts of the stint

with genders mixed or matched when they decide to mingle.


In the Pinedale Aquatic Center’s beautiful eight lane pool,

swimmers will select various distances from 25 to 500 yards

to test their skills and hopefully not run out of precious fuel

or have to be rescued by all the dutifully attentive lifeguards.


There will be a one mile walk on the indoor track for the best time,

and at the Pinedale Ice Arena challengers will race on speed skates

and shoot the puck for accuracy points just as they did in their prime

on ice the zamboni has prepared with its delicate, precision scrapes.


The grand finale will be the celebratory meal for us all

where participants will gather to share their fantastic tales,

to collect their medals and memories and joyfully haul

them back to their Wyoming towns and cities on familiar trails.


—C. F. Kelly


Registration Deadline

80 days 2 hours 53 mins
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